Top 5 Places to Generate Interactive Article Topics Free

Generate Interactive Article Topics

Do you face the most challenging part of running a blog? It is neither writing nor promotion and link building. It is actually something that looks easy, but it is not that easy. It is about knowing how to generate interactive article topics that engage the reader till the last word. The topic of a blog or an article is the main thing, and many writers ignore it. One possible reason can be that they cannot find the right words or tools to help them with this problem.

Keeping this in view, we interviewed some top writers who were working with different assignment writing services UK. We asked them how a beginner or intermediate writer can generate attractive topics. This guide is purely based on their responses. They said that they use some online topic generators. These online tools help them create interactive article topics and enjoy more viewership. Now, you must be thinking about those online tools that can do this for you. Don’t worry; the rest of the discussion is on those tools.

5 Places to Generate Interactive Article Topics

After interviewing several top writers, we made this guide of 5 top places to generate interactive article topics. A brief description, along with working, of those places, is as follows.


HubSpot is one of the most straightforward and easy to use article topic generators. For all beginners, it is a great tool to kick start their writing career. The easy-to-use interface makes it the most successful generator among all others. The basic working is so easy that even children of 6th grade can generate interactive article topics using this.

Well, it requires a set of 3 keywords from the writer. The keywords should be preferably nouns. The writer inserts the keywords in the given dialogue box. After some initial processing, the site generates 5 article topics or ideas. Let’s say you are not satisfied with the results, no problem. You should go back to the main interface insert the new keywords related to the previous ones. The tool will generate brand new topics for you. The plus point is that tool does not get offended by this. You can try as many times as you want. It’s totally free to use.


Sumo is another online article topic generator. It is a brilliant tool that knows the importance of the topic in an article. As you all know, having an eye-catching headline or topic is the best way to kick off writing an article. This tool, Sumo, does the same for you and provides the most attractive and eye-catching topics. The working of this tool is also simple as of the HubSpot’s. A writer needs to give some information about the topic he wants to write about after selecting the category. The information that this place demands to generate interactive article topics is as follows;

  • Topic
  • Desired Outcome (to)
  • Undesired outcome
  • Points that you want to explain

Once you fill in this information, the topics start appearing automatically on the right. For example, in place of the information, your input is;

  • Making money online
  • Make money online
  • Feeling broke

The various topic will appear on the site. It gives you the liberty to choose any one of them. Another critical point is that Sumo is entirely free to use. One can create as many topics as one wants.

SEO Pressor

Many writers write content that is SEO optimised. This is because SEO optimised content attracts more viewership and google ranks your topic at the top. If you are looking for SEO optimise topics, SEO pressor is the right place. It provides endless topics and generates interactive article topics that are eye-catching and can bring vast viewership.

This tool’s function is relatively simple. You have to provide a keyword for the article title or content you are going to write on. Aside from that, you must choose from a drop-down list, whether it is a specific brand name, a generic word, a skill, or even someone’s name. These filters make it easier to generate interactive article topics quickly. After applying the filters, you are just one step away, i.e., Generate Topics. By clicking on this button, you will see hundreds of topics in front of you. All you need to do is to pick one and start writing.


Portent holds 4th place in this list that can generate attractive topics. It’s free to use, but there is a reason behind its 4th place. The reason is that it only generates only one topic at a time. It can’t provide you with hundreds of the topics like the ones mentioned above. The good thing is that the refresh button below the topic lets you generate another topic.

When we talk about its simplicity to generate interactive article topics, it has no match. Though it provides you with only one topic, it does not take a lot of time. The time it takes to generate a topic is even less than 0.5 sec.

The functionality of the tool is also simple. You just need to insert the phrase of your idea or s keyword in the designated search button. After some initial processing, the topic will be inf front of you. As mentioned earlier, you can change the topic by clicking on the refresh button.

Tweak Your Biz

The last place that the top writers mentioned during the interview was tweak your biz. This toll can fill your screen with topics. You will only see topics and topics anywhere you see on your screen. To generate interactive article topics, this website is the best. It’s such a big site that it even suggests topics based on many filters. Examples of the filters are Love, Question, Best, and How-To. Also, it lets you download all the topics and decide in your free time.


All the interviewed writers agreed on these 5 places to generate interactive article topics. It doesn’t mean that you should also use only these tools. Many other websites provide eye-catching topics. You can also go to those websites and search for your topic.