What are the EV Job Opportunities in India?

EV Job Opportunities

As we see, demand for electric vehicles is increasing at a quicker rate as compared to other industries. Therefore, you will find several ev job opportunities. At present, India has more than 23 crore vehicles. It has been expected that by 2030, India will have more than ten crores of electric vehicles. It will replace the Internal Combustion Engine. According to the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, the EV industry is about to create five crore direct and indirect job opportunities in India. As this industry grows, the economy of India will improve, and we will be becoming eco-friendly. 

Here are some of the job opportunities:

  1. Research and Development

Research and development are crucial in understanding the new technologies related to the electric vehicle industry. People must follow the latest trends to improve battery charging, recharging technology, fuel or material sources. These people generally work as chemists and material scientists to examine the life of a battery and analyze its performance. 

Job Duties

  • Engineers work on the batteries of the ev vehicles.
  • The material engineers work on the material of the electric vehicle. They must study and examine all the properties to make a new material.
  • The team’s primary work is to make the vehicle lighter and more eco-friendly—the team work on providing the best seats, seat belts and other vehicle parts.
  1. Design and Development

Team design and development have a main role in the initial development phase. First, they help design the initial vehicle model to the final development process. This role is generally taken by software developers, industrial designers, technicians and drafters.

They need to find a solution for getting the final output at an economical cost. These designs are made so everyone can access them irrespective of their earnings.

Job Duties

  • The mechanical engineers work on improvising the design and manufacturing sector of electric vehicles.
  • The electrical engineers work on the core of electrical circuits in the vehicles that allow gas engines to charge.
  • The software developers help in developing and analyzing the software application.
  • The drafter and mechanical engineer design the sketches and analyze the engine models.
  1. Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

The work of electric vehicle manufacturing requires a lot of knowledge because it is a complex task. You can refer to a hybrid and electric vehicles course for a better understanding. This team mainly focuses on machine designing and production designing. 

Job Duties

  • The mechanisms help produce high-quality and accurate machinery products with the help of grinders, milling machines and lathes.
  • Industrial managers need to manage the work so that everything runs smoothly.
  • There is a team of assemblers for assembling several vehicles into a single-line production.
  1. Maintenance Department

A regular worker can also help in maintaining and repairing an electric vehicle. But this department also needs skilled people who know the battery and electrical systems. In this department, you need to replace the batteries depending on the car. In general, technicians and mechanics can handle this department very well.


Electric Vehicles are the future of India, where people use more personal vehicles than government vehicles. As this sector is in the developing phase, you can expect a lot of job opportunities in the upcoming years. Above are some job opportunities, and the list does not complete here only.